Most of us are probably looking for an online host provider where you can upload unlimited data without any problems at all. Aside from that, how convenient can it be if you’ll be able to share files online with your friends and family without having to go offline at all. Fortunately, there are a lot of file hosting providers that do offer this kind of service. One of which is Rapidgator. They offer a Rapidgator premium account that would allow you to share files, such as pdf, documents, movies, music, and many more. Signing up is free, and if you want to enjoy more features, then you can simply upgrade to a premium account.


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    Rapidgator Packages

    Rapidgator aims to meet the demands of the customers when using their system. That’s why they offer premium accounts in several terms. For example, with as little as $14.99, you’ll be able to use their service for one month with one terabyte bandwidth. However, for those who would want to upload huge amounts of file at an affordable rate, they can opt for the annual plan which is $99.99. This would give you 10 TB of data that could be kept, and 12 terabyte bandwidth that’s readily available. For those who are not familiar with how big one terabyte is, it’s 1000 GB. This is definitely more than enough for those who need to store big files.

    Product Details

    Unlike other storage service providers, what’s good about Rapidgator is the fact that they actually offer an exclusive file manager that customers can use to keep their files. The language is in German and it offers the management of upload files professionally. That means users could also create their own set of folders to monitor even the largest amount of data.

    Locating the files are easy because every file is shown with the upload date, name, and file size. As for the search function, although the users can easily look up for their files, other people won’t be able to. Even new users won’t have any issues at all as they’ll be able to familiarize themselves with the interface right away. The drag and drop function makes everything a little more convenient.


    With a Rapidgator premium account, you have several options on how they can share files. For example, with small files, they can utilize the file manager in their browser as it also displays the leftover time and the data already put into the system in percentage. On the other hand, if there are several large files that have to be stored, then using the FTP server will be more ideal as it permits higher upload speeds. As soon as these files are kept to Rapidgator, the users would get a link that would allow them to share it with others.


    Rapidgator is quite popular for being discrete in a sense that all user data are treated with great care and are strictly confidential. With each upload, you’ll get a link with no real connection the files, which means it wouldn’t be easy to crack. Likewise, there’s no password necessary for downloading these files, which means you’ll be able to download them without any problems at all. As for copyright infringement, Rapidgator treats it differently in a sense that instead of locking up the account, they would rather delete the files.


    Rapidgator offers several payment methods, such as VISA, webmoney, mastercard, paysafecard, direct debiting system, bank transfers, and Resellers so on.

    Customer Support

    You wouldn’t feel helpless or lost with your Rapidgator premium account because they have a customer service whom you can rely on. You can easily contact them through email or using a phone, and whatever your problem is, rest assured that they’ll do everything to help you resolve it and use their servers efficiently.

    Users may submit requests online by sending an e-mail to support@Rapidgator.net

    Premium Advantages

    • Remarkable download and upload speed.
    • No advertisements to interrupt you.
    • Data would be stored in the system for up to 60 days.
    • No waiting times.
    • No captchas.
    • No limits for simultaneous downloads
    • It’s possible to upload 5GB per download.


    Rapidgator is one of the most reliable file sharing providers that have been serving Internet users since 2010. The company is truly committed to providing quality service, and with a Rapidgator premium account, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of features at a very affordable price.


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    Service ok but

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    June 3, 2019

    from may 2019 you cannot pay by paysafecard which was fast and annonymous


    I just bought 30 days of premium

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    May 12, 2019

    Admin, thanks for the honest review , i just bought the premium subscription of 30 days. And it is working flawless till now, but i will test it more and update the review , Thanks a lot



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    May 11, 2019



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